A browser that puts you first

Rewards Mode

In rewards mode you earn points any time your data is used. You can redeem these for products, vouchers or donations to charity.

Privacy Mode

In privacy mode we ensure that you have a private browsing experience by stopping companies from tracking you.

World class performance

Built for speed and ease. We use the Chromium project as our engine

Block annoying cookie banners

Wherever possible we automatically block all those annoying cookie banners.

Auto stop Facebook from tracking you

Did you know that Facebook tracks you across the internet even when you’re logged out and not on Facebook? Don’t worry, we stop that.

Big tech is tracking you, we change this.

Everything that you do online is being tracked. Your data is sold to the highest bidder and you receive nothing for it. We think this is wrong. We believe that you should have the choice to stop this or to earn from it yourself. So we’ve built the Gener8 browser to give you a choice
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Browser preview

Keep all your current browser features

  • Download the Gener8 browser
  • Choose your mode
  • Import your bookmarks, extensions, and passwords
  • Browse as usual

Rewards mode

In rewards mode Gener8 monetises your data on your behalf by tailoring the adverts that you see and by anonymising your data and using it for research. In return, you earn points which you can exchange for products, vouchers or donations to charity in our marketplace.

Redeem real rewards

Privacy mode

In privacy mode you have a private browsing experience. We prevent our browser from sending out sensitive data to thousands of third party tracking and advertising companies. We also remove (almost) all of the advertising that you would otherwise see online for a cleaner, faster browsing experience.

What people are saying

Andy H

Andy H

Brighton, UK

I was initially sceptical of Gener8, I just assumed you wouldn’t get anything but it’s flipping amazing! I’ve redeemed a few amazon vouchers and a FitBit all for turning my ad blocker off. Plus the ads I get now are for things I want rather than any old rubbish. It’s a win win.

Elizabeth C

Elizabeth C

London, UK

Great concept and it works really well. I’ve already cashed out a £5 Amazon gift card. Performance is good and the ads are non-intrusive. If sites did this by default then I wouldn’t have needed an ad blocker to begin with.

Isabella J

Isabella J

Leeds, UK

Finally I get something back in return for giving my data away! This makes so much sense that I cannot believe I’ve only recently found out about it. I’ve exchanged my points for a Google Chrome cast and a donation to charity. Love it.

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