The average user Gener8s £20-40 a month

Brands pay money to show you adverts online. Usually, this money goes to the website that displayed the ad.

With icon this money goes to you!

We encourage you to donate this money to charity, but empower you to spend it how you like.

1. Install

1. Install

Install the Gener8 browser extension on Chrome or Firefox
2. Select preferences

2. Select preferences

Companies pay more to show you what you’re interested in. Select your preferences to see ads based on what you like, and earn money quicker from it.
3. Gener8 Tokens

3. Gener8 Tokens

Tokens equate to real money. They collect in your wallet until you want to cash out.
4. Donate or Cash out

4. Donate or Cash out

Donate to your favourite charity or transfer to your bank account.

Add Gener8 to your browser to earn more from the time you spend online

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Install instructions

Gener8 is currently only available on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on desktop and laptop. Please use one of those browsers if you’d like to start Gener8ing.

Hold Your Horses

We noticed that you’re on your phone. Currently, Gener8 is only available on desktop (that’s your laptop/ PC).
Please come back when you’re on your computer and add us to your browser to start gener8ing.

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