We’ve spent 3yrs and over £1M to expose this secret and try to change how the system works

We’ve spent 3yrs and over £1M to expose this secret and try to change how the system works

The open secret within the advertising industry is that it’s built on exploiting your data.

Everything you do online is being tracked. The majority of websites that you visit everyday place trackers on you, to follow your movements and understand your behaviour. Then they collect your information and sell it to make money from your data.

But this is your information, and at Gener8 (pronounced Generate) we believe that you should have a choice to stop this, or to earn from it yourself.

We build technology, that’s free and anyone can use, to enable people to control their data and earn from it. When you install Gener8 you have two choices:

1. Privacy Mode: this stops the majority of companies from tracking you.
2. Rewards Mode: this is where we enable you to earn from your data.

In privacy mode you have a private browsing experience.
In rewards mode Gener8 monetises your data on your behalf and shares the revenue back with you.  

The more people that use Gener8, the more partners we can work with, therefore the more value we can give back to you.

Our aim is to enable you to stop companies from tracking and selling your data, or, should you choose to, enable you to passively earn from it every month.

We’ve made enormous progress so far: distributing more than £300,000 in rewards (vouchers, products and charity donations) to our users via our marketplace; and investing over £1M in building our incredible team and technology.

But we’re just getting started and can’t wait to share some big announcements with you early next year!  


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