🚀 Launched: Rewards Mode & Privacy Mode

🚀 Launched: Rewards Mode & Privacy Mode

Be rewarded from the data you share or limit others from tracking you.

Everything that we do at Gener8 (pronounced Generate) is centred around giving you more control. Control of the ads you see, control of your data, control of your browsing experience.

The reality is that right now everything that we do online is being tracked.

The majority of websites that you visit everyday place trackers on you, to follow your movements and understand your behaviour. Then they collect your information and sell it to make money from your data.

But this is your information and we believe that you should have a choice to stop this; or to be rewarded from your data yourself.

Rewards Mode & Privacy Mode
To make Gener8 easier to understand and use we have split out our existing functionality into two modes that you can toggle between, Rewards Mode and Privacy Mode:

Rewards Mode – enables you to be rewarded from your data

In rewards mode we create value from your data, through advertising, surveys and smart tracking. Then we share this value back with you via Gener8 Points which you can redeem for products, vouchers or donate to charity in the Gener8 Marketplace. We anonymise your personal data and attribute a randomly generated alphanumeric identifier so that no one, (including us!), will ever know that it relates to you.

Privacy Mode – limits companies from tracking you online.

In privacy mode we prevent your browser from sending out sensitive data to thousands of third party tracking and advertising companies that you’ve never heard of. We remove (almost) all of the advertising you would normally see online for a cleaner, faster browsing experience. Our filter lists contain blocking rules for tens of thousands of websites and are updated daily.

The Future

The aim of Gener8 is to start a movement that enables everyone to be able to control and earn from their data. Right now we are growing fast and enabling our users to claim thousands of pounds worth of products, vouchers and rewards every week. As we grow the amount of value that our users can redeem will also grow. Right now we give 100% of our revenue back to users and as we work with more and more partners it will mean that you will gain more and more value from your data.

We hope you enjoy the latest update and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Welcome to the movement ✊🏻


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