500,000 people are using Gener8 to be rewarded for the time they spend online

Gener8 enables you to control and be rewarded from your data.

At the moment Gener8 extension is not supported on mobile. Register to get a link to Gener8 that you can activate once you are back to your computer.

With Gener8 extension people earn on average 10 points each week

Earn points while surfing the internet as usual. Exchange points for rewards or donate to charity.

How it works

Did you know your personal data is shared as many as 376 times a day? It’s tracked and sold to profit big business with no benefit to you. It’s time for this to change. When you use Gener8, we block cookies to stop thousands of companies from tracking you. We block ads too for a cleaner, faster browsing experience. If you use Gener8 in Rewards Mode, we’ll unlock the value of your data and share it back with you in the form of points. You can exchange these points for awesome products, exclusive discounts, free trials, gift cards or donations to charities.

What people are saying about us

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Gener8 is a fantastic way to take back control of how your data is used and in less than 48 hours my account had blocked over 7300 data trackers!! and I earned over £30 rewards for just surfing as normal.

Sharon Parkinson



I'm loving this so far. All you do is browse like you normally would, and at the end of the month you have enough points for a couple of gift cards. It's brilliant, and I love the idea that you benefit from having your data shared, rather than companies (that are already tracking you) being the only beneficiaries.

Rob Middleton



This is a great idea. Earn points just for browsing as normal, then convert points into goodies. Choose from a large range of fun stuff.

Su Winter


It's easy to get started

First add the extension to your browser

Create an account

So that we can allocate your points and for access to rewards.

Gener8 points

Browse the internet like you usually do and earn points!

Shop, donate or claim rewards

Your points can be exchanged for amazing rewards. Save them up and then you can donate to charity, redeem products or claim rewards from our marketplace.

Be part of the movement

Adding Gener8 to your browser gives you control of your data and enables you to be rewarded from it. All in a few clicks, for free.