30,000 people are using Gener8 to be rewarded for the time they spend online

Gener8 enables you to control and be rewarded from your data.

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The average user earns 5-10 points a day

Earn points every time you see an ad. Exchange points for money, products or donate charity.

100 Points = £9.99

Right now people are exchanging points in the marketplace at this rate.

How it works

Brands pay money to show you adverts online. Usually, this money goes to the website that displayed the ad. But when you use Gener8, you receive points every time you see an ad. You can exchange these points for amazon vouchers, charity donations, or awesome products in our marketplace.

What people are saying about us

Andy H

Andy H

Brighton, UK

I was initially sceptical of Gener8, I just assumed you wouldn’t get anything but it’s flipping amazing! I’ve redeemed a few amazon vouchers and a FitBit all for turning my ad blocker off. Plus the ads I get now are for things I want rather than any old rubbish. It’s a win win.

Elizabeth C

Elizabeth C

London, UK

Great concept and it works really well. I’ve already cashed out a £5 Amazon gift card. Performance is good and the ads are non-intrusive. If sites did this by default then I wouldn’t have needed an ad blocker to begin with.

Isabella J

Isabella J

Leeds, UK

Finally I get something back in return for giving my data away! This makes so much sense that I cannot believe I’ve only recently found out about it. I’ve exchanged my points for a Google Chrome cast and a donation to charity. Love it.

It's easy to get started

First add the extension to your browser

Select preferences

This will determine the ads you see.

Gener8 points

Browse the internet like you usually do. Now you earn points every time you see an ad.

Shop, donate or claim rewards

Your points can be exchanged for amazing rewards. Save them up and then you can donate to charity, redeem products or claim rewards from our marketplace.

Be part of the movement

Adding Gener8 to your browser gives you control of the ads you see and enables you to be rewarded for seeing them and support causes you care about.