Gener8 Rewards: May 2024

Gener8 Rewards: May 2024

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🏆 Auctions
❤️ Brand New Offers
🎁 Gift Cards
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We’ve switched things up a little bit this month with some brand new rewards up for auction 👌:

🎧 Air Pods
📻 Speakers
🎮 Xbox Series S
🥤 Stanley Cup
☕️ Coffee machine
💪 Fitbit
🍓 Nutribullet
🏎 Awesome experiences including four secret supercar driving experience and a chance to get your rage on with a smash room experience for two ✌️

If there’s anything else you’d like to see up for grabs next month – let us know! 💌 [email protected].

Remember to share your auction wins on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook to receive a bonus 30 Gener8 points towards your next bidding session 🎉 (just make sure you tag us @Gener8Rewards).

New Offers


35% off a £90 shop, + free 6 months smart pass 🛒

Ocado makes shopping easy peasy lemon squeeeezy 🍋

For the month of May ONLY, redeem our exclusive offer with Ocado and get 35% off a £90 shop and a smart pass (a special membership with Ocado which means free deliveries, discounts, samples, gifts and more 🙌). Ocado stocks all the best brands (M&S 👌) so don’t miss this one!


Free Razor Trial Kit – Just Pay Delivery 🪒✨

Say goodbye to dull blades and skin irritation with FFS’ top-notch products. For years, men’s razors have held the upper hand over women’s, but not anymore. Their blades are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring you never have to settle for anything less 💅

Click the pic ☝️ to see what’s in the full kit 👀


£50 off your holiday booking over £530 ✈️

If you haven’t booked your summer holiday yet (or you need another one to look forward to) get on this ☝️☀️

Plan your next holiday with the official and get £50 off your booking with our exclusive code… GO GO GO 🛫


Get 10% off at Shark Clean 🦈

In the market for some new cleaning tools (or even a new hairdryer 💁‍♀️)? Then make sure you check out Shark’s products and get an extra 10% off when you use our exclusive code 👏.


Get 10% off at Ninja Kitchen 🥷

It feels like everyone has an air fryer right now… if you have serious FOMO and want to try the best in market, we have 10% off for Gener8ers only 🙌.

Already have an air fryer? Check out their other products from food processors, blenders, grills and more. Let’s get cookin’ 👩‍🍳

Diem Scents

Luxury Fragrance discovery set for £10 (worth £20) ✨

If you want to try a new scent but you’re not sure which flavour to go for… you might want to try out Diem. Diem make it easy to try different luxury fragrances, offered at accessible prices in a way the feels personal to you 🥰.

Pick a few types of scents you usually like, let them know if you want to try something new and Diem will send you five different scents to try. The set usually costs £20, but with our exclusive offer you can grab a set for only £10!


Free entry to our online prize draw for 2 weeks!

This could make your day (sorry)… DAYMADE is re-imagining the age-old lottery, swapping huge but never-gonna-happen jackpots with over 200+ handpicked epic prizes up for grabs each week 🏖️.

Rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot, DAYMADE boasts thousands of happy winners every week, supported by a friendly UK-based customer service and prize fulfilment team 👏 Best of all, every play supports planet reforestation through their partners at Eden Reforestation Projects, with one million trees planted & counting! 🌳

With Gener8’s exclusive offer get one free entry to the DAYMADE prize draw 🤞.

75% off your first box of tailored dog food 🐶🍖

Get yourself some tailored dog food from based on your dog’s unique nutritional needs and delivered to your door each month. Start your trial today at 75% off with our unique code 🐶

Gift cards

Did someone say NEW gift cards 🤩

That’s right, new gift cards are launching this month on Gener8 Rewards 🚀. From gaming, luxury shopping, pizza and more 🍕.

Check them out on Rewards and get ready to click that ‘Buy Now’ button as quick as you can to be in with a chance to grab one of these 🤞🙌.


Our hand-picked charities to support this month on Gener8 Rewards 🤲

🌳 Trees for the Future
Trees for the Future is a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable development. Through agroforestry and tree planting initiatives, they improve soil health, combat deforestation, and alleviate poverty in communities worldwide. By providing education and training, they empower local farmers to implement sustainable land management practices, leading to increased food security, income generation, and environmental resilience. Through their efforts, Trees for the Future aims to create a future where communities thrive in harmony with nature 🌿.

🌻 National Autistic Association
The National Autistic Society (NAS) is a UK charity dedicated to supporting individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. They offer a variety of services such as helplines, advice, training, and educational support to improve the lives of autistic individuals. NAS also advocates for greater awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of autism in society through campaigns and initiatives.

❤️ Stroke Association
The Stroke Association is a UK charity dedicated to supporting stroke survivors, their families, and caregivers. They offer practical advice, emotional support, and rehabilitation programs to help individuals recover from stroke. Additionally, they fund research into prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of stroke, while also advocating for better stroke care and support services. Through their efforts, they aim to improve the lives of stroke survivors and reduce the impact of stroke on society.


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