Gener8 Rewards: June Update

Gener8 Rewards: June Update

Get ready to kick off June with a bang, because we’ve got some sizzling rewards lined up just for you 🔥

From this month, keep a close 👁 out for auctions as we’ll be unleashing a treasure trove of brand new products, and trust us when we say, you won’t want to miss out 👈.

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Guess who’s back…

grüum is a Manchester brand that’s on a mission to make skin and hair care a little more friendly, not only for you and your pocket but for the planet too 🌎. This month on Gener8 Rewards, you can bag a free premium haircare set, worth £20, for free (just pay the postage) 🙌.

Treat your tresses with their award-winning solid shampoo and be one of the first to try out their new conditioning hair oil 💆‍♀️. It’s the first dibs on this one, so grab it while stocks last!

Redeem now on Gener8 Rewards 💁‍♀️

Protein Works

Get ready to level up your health and fitness game with 42% off RRP discount code for Protein Works goodies! We’re talking about premium nutrition that won’t break the bank 💸

Calling all athletes and exercise enthusiasts, Protein Works have got protein powders that’ll make your taste buds dance, mouthwatering high-protein foods & snacks that are basically like cheat meals without the guilt, and pre-workout formulas that’ll give you the energy of a turbocharged cheetah 🐆!

Your health and wellness goals are about to get a major boost, my friend.

Redeem now on Gener8 Rewards 💪

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a unique beauty brand that creates awesome, ethical products. They prioritize natural ingredients and fair trade, offering a range of skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrances 🤩. And because they are committed to fighting animal testing and supporting social and environmental causes, shopping at The Body Shop means that you can enjoy high-quality products while also making a positive impact on the world.

This month on Gener8 Rewards, you can save 15% on your next Body Shop purchase 🙌

Redeem now on Gener8 Rewards 🫧


Saxx is a popular men’s underwear brand known for its innovative design and comfort features 🩳.

But that’s not all! Saxx offers a dazzling array of styles and fabrics to suit your every mood and activity. They’ve got boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, and even long underwear… and Saxx doesn’t stop at underwear. They’ve expanded their empire to include loungewear, T-shirts, and even sleepwear. It’s like a whole universe of comfort waiting to be explored!

This month on Gener8 Rewards, you can redeem an exclusive 15% off all styles 🙌.

Redeem now on Gener8 Rewards 😎

TIME Magazine

TIME magazine is a renowned and influential news publication with a rich history dating back to 1923. Known for its insightful journalism and captivating storytelling, TIME covers a wide range of topics including current events, politics, business, science, culture, and entertainment. Its iconic covers and in-depth articles provide readers with a comprehensive perspective on global affairs and the issues shaping our world.

With a global readership, TIME continues to inform and engage audiences with its thought-provoking content. This month on Gener8 Rewards, with our exclusive offer you can grab six issues for only £1 🗞

Redeem now on Gener8 Rewards 📰


Ready to make a difference?


MIND is a remarkable charity organization in the UK dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals affected by mental health challenges.

Through their valuable support services, MIND offers guidance, information, and assistance to ensure that nobody faces mental health issues alone. They actively campaign for policy changes, challenge stigma, and tirelessly advocate for the rights of those with mental health conditions.

With local services, support groups, and a wealth of resources, MIND aims to empower individuals and promote understanding in communities. By investing in research and driving innovation, they strive to advance knowledge and foster evidence-based approaches for mental health support. MIND’s unwavering dedication is making a profound difference, creating a society that values and supports the mental well-being of all.


The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is a UK charity dedicated to preserving and safeguarding bird species and their habitats. Through their extensive conservation efforts, the RSPB conducts research, protects habitats, and addresses threats to ensure the well-being of birds.

They play a crucial role in restoring and managing vital ecosystems, collaborating with landowners and communities. By advocating for bird conservation and influencing policies, the RSPB aims to create a future where birds and their habitats are valued and protected. Their educational initiatives engage the public, fostering a connection with nature and inspiring action.

The RSPB’s global impact extends to international collaborations, ensuring the long-term survival of migratory birds and important habitats worldwide. The RSPB’s unwavering dedication is making a significant difference, promoting a world where birds flourish and contribute to the beauty of our natural heritage.

The Survivors Trust

The Survivor’s Trust is a charity devoted to supporting survivors of rape, sexual assault, and childhood sexual abuse. Their comprehensive range of services is designed to provide crucial support to those who have experienced sexual violence.

Through helplines, counseling, and therapy, The Survivor’s Trust offers a safe and empowering space for survivors to share their stories, heal, and rebuild their lives. Their advocacy work focuses on challenging stigmas, raising awareness, and advocating for survivors’ rights. By collaborating with other organizations, delivering training programs, and conducting research, The Survivor’s Trust plays a pivotal role in shaping policies, improving services, and ensuring that survivors receive the support they need.

With their unwavering commitment to survivors’ well-being, The Survivor’s Trust is making a tangible difference in creating a society that believes, supports, and empowers survivors of sexual violence.


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