Gener8 Rewards: June Update

Gener8 Rewards: June Update

What’s new on Gener8 this month?

🎗 Three more awesome charities to support

🚀 Auctions, auctions, auctions

🔥 A world-exclusive coffee offer


Let the June bidding wars commence! Keep your eye on the prize for a chance to redeem for you and a friend:

🍕 Three course meal at Zizzi

🥂 Dining experience with bottomless bubbles

🧖‍♀️🫖 A luxury spa day

🚁 6 mile helicopter ride (with 🥂)



The world is dramatically changing as a result of climate change. Client Earth is an environmental NGO taking action to protect life on earth for future generations by using law to hold governments around the world to account.

This month on Gener8, you can help Client Earth protect against the worst consequences of climate change by donating your Gener8 points on Support a Cause 🌎.


WWF is the world’s largest conservation organisation. Another integral charity looking to tackle climate change, WWF work towards making our food system more sustainable, tackling the threat that climate change poses to the extinction of animals and collaborating with like-minded organisations to share a vision of a more sustainable future 🌱.

Donate now 🐼


Every year, 42000 people in the UK are diagnosed with bowel cancer. The charity, Bowel Cancer UK, funds cutting-edge medical research projects to help tackle the disease.

They also provide expert information and provide an online forum with anyone affected by bowel cancer, providing a place for people to share their knowledge and support each other 💛.

Donate now

Exclusive Offers

Green Box

A brand new exclusive offer for June… bag yourself a £15 supplements voucher at Greenbox for 5 Gener8 points 🎉

Greenbox offer a plant-based wellness store, providing planet friendly initiatives (they’re carbon negative AND always use sustainable packaging!). Their carbon neutral program even offsets 50% more carbon emissions than they create 🌎.

All of their products are vegan and contain naturally sourced, plant extracts to benefit the mind and body – and avoid all the artificial nasties you’d find in other types of supplements.

With Greenbox you can find long-standing brands that you can trust, such as Solgar, Floradix, Amazing Grass, Love Hemp, Vitality CBD, Innermost and more. With hundreds of products to choose from, you’ll find the ones that fit your wellness goals 👏.

Pact’s World Exclusive Coffees

Enjoy 15% off three fantastic coffees in 125g form in this limited edition trio – exclusive to Pact ☕️.

Pact coffee is one of the first UK coffee subscription services, delivering a delicious variety of coffee to all postcodes around the country. They make it easier to try a whole range of different flavours so you’ll be a coffee connoisseur in absolutely no time 👌.

This month, when you redeem our Pact exclusive offer, you can try three very different coffees spanning a spectrum of flavours, from dark chocolate 🍫 to glacé cherry 🍒to melon 🍉.


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