Browser tips & tricks: Popout videos

Browser tips & tricks: Popout videos

Introducing, a multi-tasker’s new favourite tool: popout videos on the Gener8 browser 📹.


The popout feature allows you to watch any video in a separate tab or web page while you continue to shop online, skim a news article or browse the web 🙌.

You can resize the video to a small thumbnail in the corner of your screen, or you can have it take up as much of the page as you like while you keep an eye on other web pages. It’s perfect for continuing your latest Netflix binge-watch while spying on the latest bids on a Gener8 auction 👀.

Popout videos work with just about any video element, with the floating window allowing you to skip over multiple tabs with no interruption 👌.

How to use popout videos

😎 Head on over to the video you’d like to watch. In this example, we’re using some awesome content we found on YouTube 😏.

🗂 Open a new tab. To activate your video into a floating window, look to the top right corner of your web page and click on the media icon (next to the search bar). 🔎

🎉 Click on the picture-in-picture icon and POP goes your video 🎵

↔️ You can move your popout video by clicking and dragging it across the page or adjust its size by selecting and pulling its corners


⏯ Play, pause, skip. You can control the video all within the floating window, so there’s no need to return to the original tab 👌.

Have a feature request you’d like to see on the Gener8 browser? Drop us a message! We love hearing your thoughts and feedback – after all, Gener8 was built for you 😎.


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