A Faster, Cleaner Browsing Experience

A Faster, Cleaner Browsing Experience

No ads, no trackers and an update to how you earn points

Our mission is to enable you to control and be rewarded for your data.

We’re on a journey and this is just the start!🚀

We’re working super hard behind the scenes to scale our technology and team so that we can make sure Gener8 is getting better every day.

You may have noticed some great updates that we’ve recently pushed live in Gener8:

❌  No more banner ads

⚡ Faster page loading 

🌙  Dark mode

🛠️  General enhancements 

🖼️  Sponsored images on Gener8 Tabs

No more banner ads

That’s right, no more banner ads whilst you’re browsing online! 

We have retired our pugs, giraffes and feel-good imagery, so you won’t see these guys whilst you’re browsing anymore.

Doing this has enabled us to make more speed improvements to the Gener8 browser ⚡ so you should have noticed that your pages are loading (even) faster and that your browsing is more efficient! 

Sooo, we hear you ask, “How can I earn Gener8 points?

Well, fear not, all is in hand 🙂 

Rather than rewarding you for seeing ads, we have updated our algorithms to reward you for your usage of Gener8. This is in line with our mission to empower you to earn from your data. Because the more that you use Gener8, the more data that you are creating and therefore the more value we can create for you.

So, although you won’t see ads anymore you will still earn at the same rate from using Gener8.

🌙  Dark mode

Typing, tapping, swiping and watching… we spend an ever-increasing amount of time looking at our screens. Great for tallying up your Gener8 points, not always so great for your eyes 👀.

But, have no fear. Dark mode is here 🦸

Dark mode is a feature within the Gener8 browser allowing you to change the browser tabs, the address bar, toolbar, and drop-down menu to a darker colour.

Learn more about Dark Mode on Gener8 here.

🖼️   Sponsored images on Gener8 Tabs

We’re working on partnerships so that once in a while you may see an awesome offer or advert from one of our partners on the Gener8 Tabs page. Needless to say, you earn points any time you see a sponsored image:  

We’ll be updating the ads each week, so keep an eye out for new brands and offers in the weeks to come 🙌


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