Browser tips & tricks: Browse in dark mode

Browser tips & tricks: Browse in dark mode

Did you know that you can change the colour scheme of your Gener8 browser from light to dark? ☀️🌙

Typing, tapping, swiping and watching… we spend an ever-increasing amount of time looking at our screens. Great for tallying up your Gener8 points, not always so great for your eyes 👀.

But, have no fear. Dark mode is here 🦸

Dark mode is a feature within the Gener8 browser allowing you to change the browser tabs, the address bar, toolbar, and drop-down menu to a darker colour.

What’s so good about dark mode?

🔋 It can help save your battery life. Just like turning your screen brightness down, using dark mode can help conserve your device’s battery life, as it uses less light and therefore less power.

💡 It’s better for low light settings and reduces eye strain

👁 Our screens emit blue light which can trick our brain into thinking it’s daytime. Using dark mode reduces the side effects of blue light exposure and so in theory, if you’re using dark mode in the evenings, it can even help you sleep better!

How to turn on dark mode on the Gener8 browser:

Here’s how to dim the lights 💡

🧑‍💻 Open up your Gener8 browser

⚙️ Next, you’ll need to visit your browser settings – gener8://settings/

🎨 On the settings page, click on ‘Appearance’

🖌 Change the second setting from ‘Same as OS’ to ‘Dark’ 🌙

☀️🌙 You can flick the switch between light and dark mode at any time. The best time to switch to dark mode is in the evening, to eliminate the bright screen lights before you get some 💤.


It’s that easy! 🙌.

Is there a feature you’d like to see on the Gener8 browser? Drop us a message! We love hearing your thoughts and feedback – after all, Gener8 was built for you 😎.


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