New Brand Partnership – Tranya Headphones

New Brand Partnership – Tranya Headphones

Whether you’re blocking out the world to focus on a work project or taking in some motivational tunes on your daily workout, a quality pair of headphones are absolutely essential. “A decent set of headphones are expensive”, I hear you cry, but fear not, Gener8 has got you covered 😉

We’ve teamed up with Tranya to bring you 50% off Tranya Rimor Waterproof Wireless Earbuds on the Gener8 Marketplace – hurrah! 🙌

If that fact alone isn’t enough, here’s what these earbuds have got to offer!

100% wireless ✅

Top-drawer audio technology ✅

Active noise cancellation ✅

5-hour playtime battery ✅

Fast charging ✅

Check out more about Tranya Rimor Earbuds here and claim 50% off through the Gener8 Marketplace.


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