New Brand Partnership – Razer

New Brand Partnership – Razer

Having most likely spent an increasing number of hours on your favourite PC games recently, the chances are you may be looking to upgrade some of your kit. If so, you’re in luck! Gener8 users can now grab up to £25 off some ace Razer Gaming products!

Through the Gener8 Marketplace, you can get discounts on 4 of Razer’s top gaming hardware products; the Blackwidow Elite gaming keyboard, the Kraken Tournament Edition Headphones, the Viper Ultimate wireless mouse and the Raiju Tournament Edition controller.

The Blackwidow keyboard is designed as the most complete mechanical gaming keyboard in any arena. Optimised specifically for gaming, Razer Mechanical Keyboard Switches actuate at an optimal distance, giving you speed and responsiveness like never before. Razer Mechanical Switches have been lauded as the new standard for all mechanical gaming keyboards since their introduction 👍

Razer’s Kraken headphones allow you to master the in-game environment as you manoeuvre with the slightest sound cues. With the perfect mix of game and chat volume there will be no more interruptions to team communications from the sound of battle (or vice versa) 👊

The Viper Ultimate wireless mouse Is 25% faster than any other wireless technology available; you won’t even realise that you’re gaming with a wireless mouse due to its high-speed transmission, lowest click latency, and seamless frequency switching in the noisiest, data-saturated environments 👌

The Raiju Tournament Edition delivers total control, with 4 remappable multi-function buttons and Hair Trigger Mode for quick-firing action. Switch between 3 connectivity modes: PS4, USB and PC without manual re-pairing for optimal efficiency 🙌

Check out more about these great Razer products on Revolution Gaming and get your discounts through the Gener8 Marketplace.


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