New Brand Partnership – 8Fit

New Brand Partnership – 8Fit

Staying fit is tricky at the best of times, and I’m sure we’re all pretty tired of hearing the same old click-bait slogans like, “get shredded in 14 days” or “I lost 10 pounds using this one simple trick…”.

The fact is, getting healthy and staying that way is tough, and not something that can be done overnight. This is where 8Fit comes in. Their approach is much more about you; aiming to make you feel better, rather than pushing unrealistic short-term goals.

Most importantly, the 8Fit app has much more than just exercise routines. As well a huge range of fun and rewarding workouts, they’re bringing over 800 nutritious recipes and sleep meditation programmes to the party! 

Now for the best part, Gener8 users can now get unlimited 8Fit access for 3 months 🙌 woohoo!    

Check out more about 8Fit here and get unlimited access for 3 months through the Gener8 Marketplace.



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