Meet the people behind the movement: Peter

Meet the people behind the movement: Peter

Time to meet Peter everyone 👋 an essential member of the team in charge of finding the best exclusive offers feature on Gener8 Rewards 🛍. Keep scrolling to find out what he gets up to, which rewards are his fave and who from the Gener8 team he would choose to help him fight off zombies 🤷‍♂️.

🤔 What do you do at Gener8?

I find and talk to brands to be a part of Gener8 Rewards. Basically, I make sure that the people of Gener8 have things to spend their points on- whether that’s through giveaways, gift cards, discounts and more 🥳.

😎 What drew you to Gener8?

I wanted the opportunity to work at a startup… that appealed to me as it’s a bit more of a fun culture than corporate. I really liked the idea of Gener8, with it being a niche business within the industry, and also the idea of where it could go in the future and the opportunities I’d have!

🛍 In your opinion, what’s the best thing you’ve seen redeemed on Gener8 Rewards?

I would say the Adidas deal (35% off) and I will admit I am a big fan of Sneak. We have a lot of really exciting ones in the pipeline though, which I can’t reveal just yet 👀.

🛒 What kind of rewards can we expect to see more of?

Some big fashion brands, supplements, tech… loads. Even more household brand names will be coming to Gener8 Rewards very soon.

🍽 If you could host a dinner with anyone in the world, which 3 guests would you pick?

Freddie Mercury – you need a fun person there and he fits the bill

Ed Sheeran – he just seems like quite a nice bloke. Really down to earth.

Ian McKellen – he’d complement the table well

🚗 You’ve been given the responsibility of choosing the road trip tunes, what song do you put on first?

My favourite song is probably Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers. It’s a good song for a drive as well.

🚀 What are you most looking forward to at Gener8?

The📱app launch will be really cool! Hopefully, it will bring an even bigger crowd to Gener8 too (which will also appeal to brands and bring the opportunity for more rewards!).

🌎 If Gener8 became a global phenomenon, where in the world would you open an office?

Probably somewhere nice like Florence. I would LOVE to have an office in Florence.

🧟 The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are the three Gener8 team members you want on your team?

Jake (Partnerships Manager) – because he’s really tall which would be useful

Sam (Founder & CEO) – because he just seems to have an idea for everything 💡

Ken (Content Creator) – so he could document what happens 📹

😎 We love an emoji at Gener8, can you tell us what is your most used emoji?

It’s 😂 with 🤷‍♂️ as a runner-up!

📱 If you had to delete all but three apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

Reddit, WhatsApp and Gener8 (when it’s released)

Bonus round… 🛎

☕️ Tea or coffee?


😎 Winter or summer?


🥳 Christmas or your birthday?

My birthday is three days before Christmas so… BIRTHDAY

📱Calling or texting?


🥛Glass half full or glass half empty?

Half-empty. I’m a pessimist so then I’m either right or pleasantly surprised

🤔 Planning or winging it?

Winging it

🍳How do you like your eggs?



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