Meet the people behind the movement: Ken

Meet the people behind the movement: Ken

Ever wondered who is behind the mission to enable people to control and be rewarded for their data? 🚀 

Introducing… Ken, our Social Media Manager! ✨

Ken is the king of content and captures all the exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ on our social channels. Always with a camera to hand, his most asked question is ‘are you recording me?’ 📹 … but we thought we’d ask him something else for a change ⬇️.

🤔 As Gener8’s Social Media Manager, what does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different but there are certain things that are consistent… I’m ALWAYS creating content, checking up on trends and seeing what’s happening in the social media world. I’ll usually be checking up the stats and analytics, looking at what people have commented and replied on and basically just checking on what content is doing well.

✊ What drew you to Gener8?

I knew that a lot of content hadn’t yet been created and I thought it was really cool that there was so much potential.  What really drew me in was that Gener8 can actually get content out of every single day with the amount of stuff that’s going on behind the scenes.

📱What can we expect to see on Gener8’s social channels in 2022?

You can expect to see a lot more of the behind the scenes stuff, a lot more about how Gener8 works but also a lot more about what we’re doing and what we have been doing 👀.

You’re a pretty skilled videographer, but what is your secret talent?

I lived in Spain for 7 years so I’m fluent in Spanish. I also play bass, keys and drums 🎸🎹🥁

📹 How did you get into creating content?

I got into it almost by mistake.  I had a camera that I used to take photos with all the time… they were terrible photos 😅.  One of my mates was like ‘you’ve got a camera and I’ve got a camera, we should both learn how to use them for video content’. We figured we could sell those videos on to companies and earn lots and lots of money.  And we sold lots and lots of videos for basically no money whatsoever. 

Eventually, we got tired of doing crappy work and thought, we’re just going to work for ourselves and do loads of passion projects. After years of doing really cool things for no money, people started to approach us saying ‘Hey this is really cool, can you do something like this for us?’.  

🙌 What’s your favourite social channel media platform to work with?

Instagram.  1000%

It’s the most versatile. You can upload photos, videos, reels and within stories you can have text . All the other main social channels do one thing really well, but Instagram does it all. You can basically be whoever you want to be on it, do whatever you want on it and the more you put in on it, the more you’ll get out.

👀 Since you joined Gener8, whats the best Exclusive Offer you’ve redeemed on the marketplace?

You know what?  The best exclusive offer I redeemed was the smrtr smart bulbs . As a videographer, I’m obsessed with lighting and being able to control it. So that’s definitely been the best purchase 💡.

🍽 Wild card question ➡️ If you could host a dinner with anyone in the world, which 3 guests would you pick and why?

🤣 Kevin Hart

🏀 Shaq

🍃 David Attenborough

These guys all in one room would make the greatest documentary ever seen.


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