Launching 🚀: Mystery Box

Launching 🚀: Mystery Box


If you love the element of surprise, then this one is for you 🙌.

This Black Friday, we’re launching a brand new feature to the Marketplace, giving Gener8ers the chance to redeem a ✨Mystery Box✨.

The oh-so elusive Mystery Box is now LIVE on Marketplace, so make sure you check it out 👀 We’ll be dropping the first versions of Mystery Box over the course of the next few weeks, with various high-value items up for grabs, including:

⭐️ Gift cards

🍕 Just Eat vouchers

☕️ Pact Coffee home delivery kits

⚡️ Lots of Exclusive Offers

🎁 Multiple awesome giveaways!

We’d love to hear your feedback 💬

Tweet us, email us, DM us on Instagram – we’re all ears! Any comments, ideas or suggestions you have will help us review and make improvements. If you love it, great! Then we’ll make it a permanent fixture on the Marketplace, just let us know 📣 ⬇️ .


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