See your online habits in a fun way! 🔎

See your online habits in a fun way! 🔎

Discover two NEW features revealing your favourite YouTube channels, search activity, top sites and the days you prefer to do all your shopping 🛍.

Introducing Google Recap and Receipt Radar Insights!
You’ll see all your browsing and shopping habits in a fun new way when you earn from your Google data or connect to Receipt Radar 🥳.

Check out your Receipt Radar Insights 🔎

Simply connect to Receipt Radar and we’ll scan for any new e-receipts AND show you all your shopping habits including your favourite day to shop! Interested?

… and view your Google Recap too!

Like ‘My Google Data’ this information is held locally on your device and is top secret until you choose to earn from it yourself 🤫.

Tap your way through your Google Recap and if you miss something, you can go back by tapping the arrows at the bottom of the screen ⬅️ ➡️.

What are data crumbs?

Data crumbs are pieces of data left behind as you search, watch and scroll online 🍪 . If you use Google services a lot (like Google’s search engine, Chrome browser or watch YouTube videos religiously) you’re dropping those data crumbs for Google to hoover up.

If you’re already a Gener8er, you’ll know that you can now earn from the data Google holds on you in the Gener8 App using ‘My Google Data’. BUT we didn’t want to stop there. By introducing Google Recap, you’ll find out exactly how many crumbs you’re dropping and get to know the websites you view the most, as well as the number of hours you rack up on YouTube 👀.

These insights are for your eyes only, held locally on your device and will not automatically be shared with Gener8 unless you select to earn from them 👌.

Right now, your Google recap will include:
🔎 Search
👩‍💻 Chrome
🎥 YouTube
🟠 Other (everything else Google knows)

We’ll keep adding even more insights to your Google Recap as we go, so keep refreshing weekly for more updates 🙌.

🔎 Search

 Let’s get quizzical! Your weekly Google Recap will test how well you know your searching habits 🔎

Your search data includes anything you type into the Google search engine, and any link you tap on Google search results pages 👆.

👩‍💻 Chrome

Your Chrome crumbs are the websites you visit while browsing using the Chrome browser 👩‍💻. If you have a few faves, your Google Recap will show you your top 5 most visited websites. Don’t stress if you can’t see any (or few) websites here, you’re a cool bean who likes to live life offline 😎.

🎥 YouTube

If you’ve always got a YouTube video on the go, Google Recap will let you know exactly how many YouTube videos you watch on a weekly basis and better yet, how you rank amongst the rest! Think you’re in the top 10% of YouTube viewers? There’s only one way to find out 👀.

Head back to My Google Data to review your Google Recap at any time and refresh each week for your updated insights 🚀


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