Gener8: Welcome to the Movement

Gener8: Welcome to the Movement

Hey Everyone 👋🏻,

Welcome to Gener8. You may have seen us on Dragons Den recently, perhaps you read about us in a paper, or maybe a friend tipped you off. We don’t mind how you’ve found us, we’re just pleased you’re here 🙂.

Our mission is to enable you to control and be rewarded for your data.

We’re on a journey and this is just the start!

We’ve been so excited to welcome well over 150,000 people onto Gener8 during the last few days alone. So we’re working super hard behind the scenes to scale our technology and team so that we can make sure Gener8 is getting better everyday.

✊🏻 Everything that we do is focussed on empowering YOU to have more control, more choice and the ability to earn from your data. So we want to be transparent and tell you what we’re working on right now.

3 Key Priorities

1. 🛠 Keep improving our core technology
Thank you to everyone who has reported bugs 🕷 or told us what we can do better. We appreciate every message. And we’re working on it.

2. 💰 Improve marketplace rewards
Right now what you see in the marketplace is only the start.
We are working on adding more items, more gift cards and more exclusive offers. So if there isn’t something for you at the moment, don’t worry. There will be soon. Please hang with us.

3. 📱 Mobile
We hear ya loud and clear!
Coming soon – you can gain early access by going on the waiting list here

Thank you for coming on this ride with us.

The movement has started…



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