Gener8 Tabs “Curated Content”

Gener8 Tabs “Curated Content”

Recently you may have noticed some amazing new background images from some world-class ocean photographers being featured on Gener8 Tabs along with your selected Gener8 Tabs Moods.

This is a new feature of Gener8 Tabs called “Curated Content”, which gives selected creatives an opportunity to curate the images for a limited time around a theme to inspire our users every time they open a new tab. 

Our first batch of content collaborations have showcased their amazing work and had their images viewed over 715,343 times (that’s a lot of opened tabs!). 

You can find out a bit more about our amazing content collaborators below and make sure to give them a follow plus check out some of their amazing prints.

Frame Chasers (Daniela & Ales)
At Frame Chasers, we believe that photography is a powerful tool to inspire positive change. Through our photographs we inspire people to rethink how they see the world and act to protect it. We’re always searching for the moments worth sharing.

Tom Cannon
Tom Cannon is a wildlife photographer specialising in underwater visuals with a profound message that resonates with all who share a love for the ocean, and ultimately want to help protect it. Capturing unseen moments of the abundant sea life from the pristine and remote Coral Bay, Western Australia.

Simon Jay
Simon Jay is a photographer and videographer based in Cornwall who rekindled his interest in waves. While some of the waves may be out of his league in terms of size he wanted to find another way to enjoy them and experience the thrill through the use of drones. The birds eye view gives you a real sense of the unrelenting power and movement of the sea while capturing the amazing textures which they create

Mike Newman
Another local photographer from Cornwall indulges his passion for the sea with frequent wanders along the coast with his camera during wild winter storms and during calm summer sunsets. Using a knowledge of the seas from many years of surfing he often swims out with water housing to up close to the waves. His imagery shows the innate beauty of the ocean in all its different states, it’s an asset that we should certainly be protecting for our future generations.

After featuring these amazing creatives we are on the lookout for our next batch of content creators to curate Gener8 Tabs with a theme based around winter.

If you or any other creatives you know would like to be featured on Gener8 Tabs simple drop us a message at [email protected] to find out more information.


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