Gener8 Tabs Curated Content Round 2 Wrap Up

Gener8 Tabs Curated Content Round 2 Wrap Up

Gener8 Tabs “Curated Content” allows us to showcase the talent of our creative partners to help inspire our users every time they open a new tab with captivating imagery.

Our second batch of creative collaborators has been fortunate to have their images viewed over 8.7 million times since being featured.

To find out more about our talented content collaborators make sure to give the below a read, give their Instagram channels a follow and show some support by purchasing your favourite prints.

Jonny Rogers
Jonny a world-class travel photographer with numerous accolades with the most recent being shorted in the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards. His unique eye and attention to detail set him apart from the rest, able to vividly capture the raw emotions of every scene he shoots. Check out his Instagram here:

Dan Rose
Dan is an up and coming photographer with a diverse interest in Portraiture, Music, Landscape, Wildlife and Travel while chasing his dreams to become a concert tour photographer. His Wildlife photography is stunning. Featured in Forbes, The Sun and Amateur Photographer Magazine. Find out more here:

Chris Knight
Self-proclaimed “budget version of Ray Mears”, Chris is a former professional rugby player born and raised in South Wales. He is usually found up a mountain or on the coast, having a passion for hiking, landscape photography and seeking adventure at any opportunity. For Chris, photography is a way to turn a fleeting sensation into a timeless masterpiece. Here is some of his work:

Mitchell Stather
Mitchell is a photographer from the South East of the UK, specialising in outdoor, lifestyle and automotive photography. His eye for a great shot is a trait few are lucky enough to possess, and even fewer are able to harness and develop. Check out his work below:

Lawrence Walton
Lawrence is a graphic designer that is passionate about branding and photography. With an amazing minimal and simplistic style that really captivates the viewer. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”. Find out more about him here:

Manny is a photographer and content creator based in Leeds. Shooting a range of genres from landscape, portrait to street/urban photography. With an Instagram following of over 135,000, be sure to check out his work below:

Gener8 is now on the lookout for the next batch of content creators to take over Gener8 Tabs with a focus on culture, nature or adventure.

If you’ve got the creative talent to be featured on Gener8 Tabs simple let us know by reaching out on [email protected] to find out more details.


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