Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

Gener8 Tabs ‘Curated Content’ allows us to showcase the talent of our creative partners and to help inspire our users each time they open a new tab. Our creatives are AWESOME and seriously talented, so we wanted to shout about them a little more ⚡️.

This weeks spotlight is shining on a newcomer to Gener8 Tabs: award-winning fine art landscape photographer, Rachael Talibart ✨

Rachael Talibart

‘Nothing beats a day on an empty shore, the wilder the weather the better’

Rachael Talibart is a professional seascape and coastal photographer 🌊. Her critically acclaimed photographs have been featured in the press and exhibited by galleries all over the world 🌎.

Starting her career as a solicitor in the City of London, Rachael’s friends and colleagues were used to seeing her return from trips with bags full of exposed film (with the film developing sometimes costing more than the actual trip itself!). In 2000, Rachael decided to leave her City career and, after obtaining two more degrees, she now works full-time on her photography 📸.

Having grown up on the south coast of England, much of Rachael’s early childhood was spent at sea with her yachting family 🛥. This has left her with a life-long fascination for the ocean and the coast it carves, reflected in the images that she produces. She travels widely for her photographs, but retains a special fondness for the south of England, as many of her images are created there 🌊.

Rachael is best known for her multi-award winning portfolio, the Sirens series, (a portfolio of monstrous storm waves named after mythological beings 🐉 ) and, most recently, Tides and Tempests. Her work is available as limited edition, fine art prints, and are collected internationally 🙌.

If you’re interested in what it takes to become an award-winning landscape photographer, Rachael owns f11 Workshops, providing location and online photography training 👌. You can also find her leading international photography tours for Ocean Capture.

If you’re a creative or you know a creative who would like to be featured on Gener8 Tabs, simply drop us a message at [email protected] to find out more information 📷


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