Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

If you’ve had your Gener8 Tabs ‘Moods’ set to ‘Adventure’ recently, you may have spotted some new images of fearless adventurers tackling the snowy Scottish Highlands ⛷️.

The creative behind the camera is a world-class sports and mountain photographer, Hamish Frost 📷. Tackling the adverse weather conditions alongside these athletes, Hamish captures a wide range of mountaintop adventures.

Hamish Frost

Hamish Frost is an adventure and mountain sports photographer based in Scotland. Thriving in cold, wet and challenging conditions, he captures images of people pushing their limits in harsh mountain environments.

Hamish grew up just south of Cambridge, before moving to Glasgow for university. It was during this time that he discovered the Scottish Highlands – and it wasn’t long before he found himself completely blown away by the mountain scenery.

‘Mountains can be intimidating environments but they’re also some of the most incredible and awe inspiring places on earth.’

Hamish Frost

Inspired by adventure photographers based in North America and the Alps, Hamish combined his passion for the outdoors with photography. His journey towards becoming an adventure photographer started out on his phone, sharing images on his Instagram to inspire others to venture out into the mountains. Today, he is an in-demand mountain sports photographer, working on projects in Antarctica, the Himalayas, and the Alps.

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Hamish shoots a broad range of adventure sports, from skiing to BASE jumping. A proficient skiier, climber and ultra mountain runner himself, he often has to keep pace with his subjects while capturing their adventures. All while carrying his camera equipment!

You’ll find that most of Hamish’s images featured on Gener8 Tabs were created in the Scottish mountains.  His goal?  To put Scotland on the map as a world-class skiing and snowsports destination ⛷️.

Are you a creative who would like to see your work featured on Gener8 Tabs? Drop us a message at [email protected] to find out more 📷


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