Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

Gener8 Tabs: Content Creator Spotlight

Gener8 Tabs ‘Curated Content’ allows us to showcase the talent of our creative partners and to help inspire our users each time they open a new tab 📷.

This week, we caught up with a recent collaborator, Matt Kenneally, who gave us an insight into how he creates his epic timeslice photographs ✨.

Matt Kenneally

Matt Kenneally is a published Timeslice photographer based in London, spending hours in a single location to capture the passing of time in a single image.

✨What exactly is timeslice photography and what inspired you to create images in this way?

Timeslice photography is when you take a series of photos over a few hours and then in post, slice them together to show the passing of time in one single image.

My inspiration to become a timeslice photographer actually came from me feeling less impressed with the photography I was doing and I felt that I needed something to fit in more with my creativity. I used to be a designer, so when I decided to give timeslice photography ago myself, it felt like my two passions collided and it just felt right.

I began exclusively shooting timeslice photography and while standing around for hours on end isn’t for most people, the end result is what brings me the most joy.

How long does it take to capture images?

Most of my timeslices take up to 3 hours to capture but the process can be made longer by me needing to return to a spot if the weather doesn’t play nice on the day I choose to shoot. In London that happens a lot! 

📷 When did you first pick up a camera?

I got my first camera in 2009, but photography just remained a hobby for many years. A few years back, I realised it was what I was happiest doing and that this is how I want to make a living.

🌇 What would you say your favourite part of the process is?

I think my favourite part of timeslice photography is putting the image together because you finally see the image come to life in post. You can do a few different versions of a single image, with the slices going in different directions or choosing a different photo for a slice and it can deliver an extremely different end result.

🎡If you had to pick one, what is your favourite timeslice photograph you’ve created?

My favourite timeslice image is my London eye shot because of how much effort it took. I had shot around 7 failed attempts due to bad weather and the London eye constantly moving but after all that effort, I was so pleased with the result and everyone else seemed to like it too! It even lead to my work being published for the first time in a magazine!  

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