Gener8 Browser: Introducing Sidebar

Gener8 Browser: Introducing Sidebar

Major new feature alert 🚨🚀

Get speedy access to websites and tools without even having to open a new tab or window 😎

Multitask smarter with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more readily available for you in the new sidebar.  That’s right, you can chat, search and browse AT THE SAME TIME 😱.

How to customise your sidebar

Get customising your sidebar to fit all of your needs 🎨😎

 By default, the sidebar includes Apps such as Facebook Messenger, YouTube and WhatsApp.

❌ You can remove any of these from your sidebar by simply right-clicking on the icon and selecting ‘Remove’.

🔇 Want to be free of distracting notifications, you can also mute each pin!

✍️ You can also edit your sidebar pins, changing their names and URLs so you can hit up your favourite YouTube channel with just one click 🖱

➕ Add a new website or tool to your sidebar by navigating to your search bar and selecting ‘Pin to sidebar’ 👌

↔️ Resize your sidebar to take up however much of the window you like

🙌 … or if you decide you want to switch to a full tab, click the ellipsis in the top right and select ‘move to a tab’.

Toggle the sidebar on and off

If you want to hide the sidebar (you may want it out of the way whilst binge-watching the latest series on Netflix) you can toggle it on and off as you please 👌.

Look to the top left of the Gener8 Browser and you’ll see the sidebar icon. Simply click the icon to hide/unhide the sidebar 🖱.

Can’t find the new sidebar feature?

Make sure you’re running on the latest Gener8 Browser (Version 109.0.5414.91) in your browser settings ✅😎

Have a feature request you’d like to see in our future updates? Let us know! 💬


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