Gener8 behind the scenes: Axe throwing 🪓

Gener8 behind the scenes: Axe throwing 🪓

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Flashback to just a few weeks ago, the Gener8 team reflected on the past year with a festive end of year meeting ✨. We donned Santa hats and discussed how much we had achieved, how much the team had grown and more importantly, what we’ve got up our sleeves for 2022 👀.

Yes, there were festive jumpers and a Secret Santa but it was still a work meeting.

So, to end 2021 on an even bigger high, we headed on down to Whistle Punks Axe Throwing in Vauxhall, London for a good old team building session… Competing against each other by launching axes at a wooden target. 🎯🪓


Some had better technique than others 😬

Axe throwing is much harder than it looks and overall, performance levels were average at best.

Yet, a few team members excelled in the art of axe throwing ⬇️.

Gener8’s top 3 axe throwing scores 🪓 :

🎉 Jono (CTO) with a total score of 13 points

✊ Will (Head of Product) who scored 19 points

🙌 Sam (Founder) with a whopping total of 40 points 🤯

BUT this was a knockout tournament, and it didn’t end there.

The final round saw Gener8 Founder, Sam go head to head with Will, Head of Product.

There could only be one winner 🥇⬇️


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