Browser tips & tricks: tab groups

Browser tips & tricks: tab groups

How many times have you opened a new tab on your Gener8 browser and after only a couple of hours of surfing the web seen ‘42 tabs opened today?’  😳.  

You either still have them all open and cluttered on your browser bar or you’ve closed them because that overload of tabs is enough to make your brain hurt.   Whether you’re a tab hoarder or a tab minimalist, there’s a feature that can help you organise the mayhem: tab groups. 


Tab groups allow you to organise your browser bar into categories so that you can easily navigate your way through open web pages. If you’re a multitasker, this feature is invaluable and will help you stay focussed on the task at hand 🙌

How to group your tabs on the Gener8 browser:

🖱 Move your cursor to the browser bar and right click on a tab

➕ On the drop down options, choose: ‘Add tab to a new group’

🗂 Label your group!  Depending on your browsing habits you could categorise your tabs according to current projects, priority or even by using emojis (🛍️: shopping)

🔵  Choose a colour for each different tab group (we love a colour code)

↔️ You can now either click and drag your remaining ungrouped tabs into the new group or right click and select ‘Add tab to group’ 

⏯ Once you have multiple tab groups, you can click on each label to either minimise or maximise each group


Happy (organised) browsing 🙂👨‍💻


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