8 tips for remaining productive whilst working from home

8 tips for remaining productive whilst working from home

If you normally work in an office, chances are you are now working from home.  Some of you might be “WFH” veterans, well versed in all the tips and tricks to getting things done from the comfort of your own home, however most will be treading new, uncertain waters, wondering how to get the most out of your new working environment. 

Fear not, good old Gener8 is here to help. In this article we are giving you our top 8 tips for remaining focused and productive while working from home 👍

1. Create a workspace

First port of call has to be finding somewhere suitable to set up shop. The sofa may look like a tempting option, but when it is unlikely to be a great bastion of productivity. Plus, you ideally want to keep the “working” and “living” parts of your home as divided as possible. This is important when it comes to finishing up and finding somewhere to wind down at the end of the working day.

As not everyone is blessed with a home office or even a spare bedroom, you may need to get a little creative (check out our Instagram post for some inspiration – I call it the ‘board’ room 😅). It may be as easy as calling dibs on the kitchen table or require some minor investment in the form of a small fold-up desk and office chair for the corner of the bedroom or living room. Whatever way you do it, creating a dedicated workspace is super important to keep you in the right mindset.

2. Dress for work

A study has found that clothes can have an influence on the wearer’s psychological processes, a relationship known as, “enclothed cognition”. Getting dressed in an appropriate manner will put you in a more work-focused headspace and improve your concentration. This theory can be extended to all other areas of your morning route; so get up, get showered and ditch the PJ’s! 

3. Do a morning brief

Once you’ve got your cup of coffee and taken a quick peek at your emails, it’s time to start planning the day with your team. A good format for this is as follows:

  • Debrief from the day before 
  • Decide priorities and goals for the day ahead 
  • Discuss any blockers for completion of these goals

At Gener8 we have a team briefing at the same time every morning following this format. Not only is it good to align on aims and timelines, but having a bit of social interaction first thing in the morning is very important!   

Even if you’re a one-man-band, this is well worth doing with yourself so you can define where you are and where you want to be this time tomorrow.

4. Take breaks

Put the washing in, stretch, do some push-ups, call your mother – just do something to get you away from the desk once in a while. Sitting in one place for hours at a time can cause a number of medical problems, and with no one else there as a frame of reference it can be easy to forget to step away from the desk once in a while.

At the very least, take a second of tranquillity on your way to your next website by checking out the beautiful images on Gener8 Tabs 🌆📷🌄.

5. Make use of that exercise period!

As we know, leaving the house for exercise is a-ok! If you’re a runner or a cyclist then take 30 mins – 1 hour out of your day to make the most of the quiet roads. Getting out of the ‘office’ once a day is essential to maintaining long-term focus and productivity. Even if you’re not a fitness fanatic, nothing clears the mind and like a good long walk (safety instructions below).

🚶‍♀️     (social distancing)       🚶‍♀️       (social distancing)     🚶‍♀️

6. Get yourself a good playlist

Unless you’re one of those people who can work in total silence (I am both envious of and unnerved by you in equal measure) then getting a good ‘focus’ playlist is a priority. Whether you’re into lo-fi hiphop, soft piano music or ambient nature sounds; YouTube is very much your friend here, providing a tonne of long-play soundscapes and playlists for concentration.

7. Noise-cancelling headphones

Traffic, roommates, your own existential thoughts – all things that can pull your focus whilst working at home. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be an absolute game-changer for zoning out for a while and getting stuck into a project. There are plenty of options out there and there are always reviews and comparison articles to help you get the best headphones for you 😊!

8. Set proper working hours

Whether that’s a 7 am start and an early finish or firing up at 10 and working a little later – make sure you set yourself specific working hours and try to stick to them. Having dedicated hours of work is important to be vigilant about when working from home as it will help you maintain a work-life balance and help you set and achieve realistic targets.  

So there we have it, our top 8 tips for adapting to your new ‘office’ to keep productivity and motivation sky high 👌

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