6 charities to support this December on the Gener8 Marketplace

6 charities to support this December on the Gener8 Marketplace

This December, we have doubled the number of charities available to donate to on the Gener8 Marketplace’s ‘Support a Cause’ πŸ™Œ.

It’s officially the season of giving! πŸŽ„ Check out this month’s charities and if you’re feeling generous, hit donate now 🀲

Give Directly

Give Directly are a global NGO, allowing organisations and individuals to provide direct cash transfers to people living in extreme poverty, including low-income families and those affected by humanitarian crises πŸ‘.

Unconditional cash transfers are made via mobile payments. This effectively cuts out the difficulties of knowing whether donations will rightfully reach the intended recipients. In fact, 88% of donations go directly to the families in need, giving them the autonomy to choose how the donations will best improve their lives (with the remaining 12% covering operational costs) πŸ‘Œ.

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New Incentives

Immunisations are recognised as the most cost-effective child health interventions in low-income countries. It’s estimated that childhood vaccines prevent 2 to 3 million deaths every year πŸ’‰.

In Nigeria, 40% of under-five deaths are from vaccine-preventable diseases. New Incentives use cash transfers to increase immunisation rates in Nigeria, encouraging mothers to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases.

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Crisis is a UK-based charity on a mission to end homelessness. They aim to do this through education and training and support with housing, employment, and health.

Operating all over England, Scotland, and Wales, Crisis helps those who are homeless find housing and provides them with the tools and knowledge they need to rent successfully. Their amazing campaign, ‘Crisis at Christmas’ supplies warm meals, shelter, and companionship to the homeless during the festive period πŸŽ„.

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Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria kills around 400,000 people every year, with more than 200 million falling ill with the disease.

The Against Malaria Foundation is a UK-based charity that provides funding for protection against malaria in developing countries. Primarily, they provide long-lasting insecticidal nets to areas of the world that are at high risk of developing malaria.

Nets are a proven intervention and a more effective a way of saving lives than any other. You can help increase the reach of these life saving nets by donating points on the Gener8 Marketplace πŸ‘.

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Charity: Water

Around 785 million people in the world do not have access to clean water (that’s about 1 in 10 of us 😯). Charity: Water is a non-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. With a goal to end the global water crisis, they’ve funded more than 79,000 water projects in 29 developing countries since 2006 alone.

Their transparent funding model sends 100% of public donations straight to funding sustainable water projects in areas of the greatest need around the world 🌎 πŸ’§.

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Helen Keller International

Co-founded in 1915 by Helen Keller and George Kessler, Helen Keller International initially sought to assist soldiers suffering blindness after their service in World War I.

Today, HKI is an international NGO committed to combatting the causes and consequences of blindness around the world. Around 36 million people worldwide are blind, with the majority of people located in developing countries. They focus on the impact of malnutrition on sight, with their program saving tens of millions of lives by providing vitamin A supplements to children under 5 years old.

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Is there a charity you want to see on Gener8 Marketplace? Let us know! πŸ“§


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