You May Have Noticed New Ads on Gener8 Tabs

You May Have Noticed New Ads on Gener8 Tabs

Eagle eye’d users may have noticed that we’ve started running a few ads on Gener8 Tabs

The reason for this is because we are starting to test new advertising partners. Only a small portion of users will see these ads, but if all goes well we will roll it out to more.

You guys, our users, are the most important people. Everything we do is for you. So please be our eyes and ears: let us know if you see ads that you like, or don’t like so that we can make sure that we provide you with the best experience.

We always want to do what’s best for you, so reach out to us any time to let us know your thoughts: [email protected]

100% of revenue from these advertising tests is going into the marketplace to provide more products and vouchers back to users. 

The faster we grow users the more advertisers we can get on board and the more we can give back to users. Our aim to to ensure that every user can be rewarded any time their data is used online… and this starts with the ads that they see. So please do continue to help us grow by using your referral link to invite friends. 🙂


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