Wooah! Why Have My Tokens Decreased Today?

Wooah! Why Have My Tokens Decreased Today?

“Oh, it seems to me,
That sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

Well Elton, we disagree with you there pal. Because we want to throw up our hands and say sorry to everyone that was affected by a bug that inflated their tokens.

Over the last 2 weeks 7% of our users had been earning far too many tokens for no reason other than a bug on our end that led to the ads you were seeing being triple and sometimes quadruple counted. This only impacted 7% of our users, but that is 7% too many.

This morning we rolled out a script that fixes this and as a result you may notice your tokens reduce back down to the correct level.

Teething issues happen to new tech, which is why we’re currently in beta. But we understand that this may feel frustrating and we’re sorry for that. We’re working our hardest to make sure that an issue like this will never happen again.

Now, that the serious talk is over, let’s get back to having fun:


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