Why Have My Referrals Dropped?

Why Have My Referrals Dropped?

Last week we introduced LUTHER to the Gener8 team…

LUTHER is our fraud prevention system.

This morning we ran LUTHER across the Streamers Connected x Gener8 exclusive competition. Some of you will see that your numbers will have grown or gotten a little smaller.

As such you may have gone up or down the rankings. HOW EXCITING!


For those who are interested in our background: Gener8 is an attempt by us (ex-Red Bull guys) to change advertising. Our vision is to give you more control over the ads that you see and enable you to make money from seeing them. Gener8 is an extension that works by replacing all online ads so that it can pay you every time you see one. The money comes from the companies who’ve paid to show you ads.

The more users we have, the more money we can charge companies and therefore the more money you gener8. As we grow so does the amount of money you make.

To help protect this movement, we need to ensure there is no funny business going on (i.e no referral bots, no token bots, no inactive accounts, etc)

As many of you know Gener8 is in beta and needs a strong, authentic foundation to grow upon. We are nothing without you amazing people!


LUTHER will flag an account that:

  • Uses automation for creating accounts (i.e referrals) or viewing ads
  • Is deemed ‘inactive’ over a period of time* 
  • Does anything to interfere with the integrity of the service

*If you think you have more authentic referrals that are not appearing you should check that the people you referred are using Gener8, then you’ll see your numbers grow!

60% of people have only dropped by 0 to 1 referral, so it’s all to play for.

The leaderboard has got closer, even one referral will help you RISE to the top and get you a piece of the WHOPPING £4K!







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