Why we do what we do

We’re passionate believers in the free internet, but we don’t agree with the persistent tracking that is prevalent online. Concerns about misuse of personal data have been cited as a reason why 42.3% of internet users use ad blockers. Across some website categories, such as gaming, up to 70% of website visitors use ad blockers. This is unsustainable.

We understand that the majority of people want a better experience when they browse the web, they want to have more control over their data and they are not against seeing relevant ads.

We created Gener8 to enable publishers to monetise an audience who would otherwise be blocking ads. Whilst also enabling publishers to learn more and better understand these users.

Solutions for Publishers

Ad Block recovery

  • Recover inventory that would have been lost
  • Users who see ads have opted in
  • Revenue share on recovered revenue
  • No negative impact to UX

Audience Insight

  • Age, gender, demographics
  • Declared interests
  • Purchase behaviour

We don’t rely on cookies instead we use our relationship with users to enable you to understand your audience in much more detail.

How it Works

  1. Get in touch

    Use the form below to get in touch with us.

  2. Estimate Recoverable Impressions

    We will review how many Gener8 users have visited your domain and estimate the number of recoverable impressions. If it’s below 1M impressions per month we will add you to the waiting list and get in touch once it surpasses this figure.

  3. Wait for the revenue to roll in

    Start recovering revenue from ad blocked inventory.

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