Introducing…Gener8 Tabs

Introducing…Gener8 Tabs

Install Gener8 Tabs to earn every time you open a new tab.

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Every time you open a new tab you’ll see a breath taking image and one small, unobtrusive, ad unit at the bottom of it. This means that by using Gener8 Tabs you’ll earn tokens just for using the internet like you already do.

The average person opens 65 tabs a day,  that means,
65 moments to take a second and slow down.
65 chances to take a breath and be mindful.
65 opportunities to be inspired.
And 65 chances to earn more tokens 💰

We built Gener8 tabs to enable you to earn more, quicker, in an easy and unobtrusive manner.

We hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback 🙂


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