Thank you for being a part of the journey! We’re progressing every day and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

Our aim is to enable you to exchange tokens for money as quickly as possible. We’re not there yet so please keep inviting your pals. Currently, we have over 10,000 users and that number is rising fast, but we need your help to grow to 50k so that you can start earning money.

In the meantime, we’ve partnered with awesome brands to enable you to start exchanging your tokens for physical (and digital) products. On Monday 3rd June we will be opening the doors to the Gener8 Marketplace to the first 250 people, and then rolling it out to more and more shortly afterward.

The marketplace is full to the brim with premium tech products/services and charity donations, and you can exchange your tokens for them.

Psst… the fastest way to get more tokens (to spend on the best products) is through inviting your friends to join Gener8*.

Thank you for being a part of the movement.

*you may also notice our fraud prevention step up a notch. We will be suspending users who show suspicious activity from tomorrow onwards.


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