Your most frequently asked questions. Answered.

Which Browsers is Gener8 available on?

Gener8 is available to use on Firefox and Chrome now. Safari is planned to launch very soon.

Can I use Gener8 on different computers?

Yes. Make sure login to your account though!

Can I use Gener8 on my phone or tablet?

We’re working hard to bring Gener8 to your mobile and tablet. For the time being you can use Gener8 on any desktop device (laptop or computer).

How do I use Gener8?

First you need to install it onto your browser. You can install Gener8 directly from our website (scroll up). Once installed you can enter your preferences and you will Gener8 money every time you see an advert.

What are Gener8 Tokens?

Every time you see an advert you receive Gener8 tokens. Tokens are a representation of money and they have monetary value. Tokens will collect in your account until you exchange them for products, vouchers or donations to charity in the Gener8 Marketplace.

How do I earn tokens?

You earn tokens every time you see an advert. You also earn tokens for inviting friends.

How can I earn tokens quicker?

Complete your preferences to earn tokens at a faster rate. You’re also given extra tokens for each friend you invite.

How much are my tokens worth?

Tokens are a representation of money. You can see their value by looking at what you can exchange them for in the Gener8 Marketplace. For example, right now 50 tokens = £5 Amazon voucher; 100 tokens = £10 Itunes voucher ; 500 tokens = an Amazon Echo Dot.  

Why do my tokens sometimes increase or decrease?

Your number of tokens is validated offline and updated every ~ 3hrs. This is why there may be a little jump every now and again. If you logout in this time the number will reset to the last known count – but rest assured, all ads seen will be counted and the number in the extension will update accordingly.

How can i use my tokens?

You can exchange your tokens for products, vouchers or donations to charity in the Gener8 Marketplace.

What does Gener8 do with the preferences that I enter?

Advertisers pay more to show you adverts that you are interested in. We use your preferences to match the ads you see with the ones that we think you will be most interested in.

Who owns my data?

You do. You own your data at all times. Gener8 is only acting to match your interests with the ads that you see. When you delete your account we delete your data.

Why has my account been frozen?

If we’ve frozen your account it’s because we have detected suspicious activity. One of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Is the 'A Year On Us' raffle still running?

‘A Year On Us’ has been stopped and we launched the Gener8 Marketplace instead. The marketplace enables users to exchange tokens for an awesome variety of charity donations and physical/digital products.

Any tips to get my 2 referrals for the Markteplace?

We’ve seen lot’s of creative ways that people have been sharing their referral link to get the referrals, we’ve written a blog post about it to help give you some ideas.

I’ve referred two friends, but I can’t get in the marketplace?

The people you refer must be from the UK and they must have earned 1 token (or more) to count. 
As soon as these criteria have been met you will have access within 24 hours.
Remember, you also earn 10 tokens for every friend that signs up (and they earn 10 too!) so don’t just stop at 2! 

How do I purchase a product in the Gener8 Marketplace?

Select the item you would like to purchase and click the ‘BUY’ button. Make sure you have enough tokens in your wallet. Any delivery information will be asked of you at the checkout stage.

How will I receive any products I purchase?

Physical products will be sent to your door. For digital products you will receive a code at the checkout stage.

How many products can I purchase?

Right now we are limiting the amount so that as many people as possible can benefit. So you can purchase one product every 7 days.

What happens if all products are sold out?

The marketplace is re-stocked regularly if everything is sold out just hold tight until the next drop of stash!  

What happens to my token level once I’ve purchased a product?

The tokens will be reduced by the price of the product you purchased.

Can I request items and charities to donate to?

Definitely, we’d love to hear your suggestions of products you’d like and charities you want to donate to.

How can I get my charity or product in the Gener8 Marketplace?

Please contact [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you.


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