Your most frequently asked questions. Answered.

Which Browsers is Gener8 available on?

Gener8 is available to use on Firefox now and will be launching on Chrome very shortly. Safari is planned to launch early next year.

Can I use Gener8 on different computers?

Yes. Make sure login to your account though!

Can I use Gener8 on my phone or tablet?

We’re working hard to bring Gener8 to your mobile and tablet. For the time being you can use us on any desktop device (laptop / computer, etc).

How do I use Gener8?

First you need to install it onto your browser. You can install Gener8 directly from our website (scroll up). Once installed you can enter your preferences and you will Gener8 money every time you see an advert.

What are Gener8 Tokens?

Every time you see an advert you receive Gener8 tokens. Tokens are a representation of money and they have monetary value. Tokens will collect in your account until you decide to exchange them into pounds.

How do I earn tokens?

You earn tokens every time you see an advert. You also earn tokens for inviting friends.

How can I earn tokens quicker?

Complete your preferences to earn tokens at a faster rate. You’re also given extra tokens for each friend you invite.

How much are my tokens worth?

Tokens are a representation of money. Once we set our exchange rate, you will be able to go to the “wallet” within your account and click on “Exchange tokens to Pounds” in order to see how much money you have gener8ed.

When can I cash out or donate to charity?

Once we have set the token exchange rate we will enable you to cash out or donate to charity. This is a simple process that you can do from your “wallet” within your account.

What does Gener8 do with the preferences that I enter?

Advertisers pay more to show you adverts that you are interested in. We use your preferences to match the ads you see with the ones that we think you will be most interested in.

Who owns my data?

You do. You own your data at all times. Gener8 is only acting to match your interests with the ads that you see. When you delete your account we delete your data.

Why has my account been frozen?

If we’ve frozen your account it’s because we have detected suspicious activity. One of our team will be in touch with you soon.


Install instructions

Gener8 is currently only available on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on desktop and laptop. Please use one of those browsers if you’d like to start Gener8ing.

Hold Your Horses

We noticed that you’re on your phone. Currently, Gener8 is only available on desktop (that’s your laptop/ PC).
Please come back when you’re on your computer and add us to your browser to start gener8ing.

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