🔥We like you. So we’re giving away £100 every day

🔥We like you. So we’re giving away £100 every day

Yes, yes, we knowwww that you guys are itching to cash out because we hear questions about this all the time 🙂 (PS. you should check out this blog post for more info about our steps to cashing out).

Currently, we are at step 4 of this journey. That means that we are not charging advertisers to show their ads and therefore we can’t give you money for seeing those ads yet (because there isn’t any ad revenue to give you). But fear not. There IS good news!  We’d like to thank you for your support and incentivise you to hang on in there with us, to invite friends to join and to be a part of the journey as a founding member of Gener8.

That’s why we are giving away £100 every weekday to a random Gener8 user. 
That’s right, you heard correctly, we’re giving away 100 big ones to Gener8 users every weekday.

‘How can I win?’, we hear you cry. Well it’s a simple raffle, so it’s mainly luck. But we’ll let you in on a secret hack… every time you invite a friend you gain another entry to the raffle. So invite 10 pals and you have 10X the chance of winning. There’s not many of you yet so there’s a ridiculous chance that you’ll hit the jackpot over the coming weeks.

There is a catch though. You need to claim your £100 within 24hrs of winning or it will roll onto the next day’s winner. So don’t hang about. If you see that you’ve won make sure to look out for an email from one of the Gener8 team and respond asap to claim the cash.

We announce the winner daily at midday GMT, you can find all the details on your Gener8 dashboard.

Good luck, we’re rooting for you!


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