What do Gener8 Ads look like?

What do Gener8 Ads look like?

Gener8 replaces “banner ads” (the ones that you see on the sides of websites) with our advertising that has been tailored to you based on the preferences that you complete in your profile.

However, right now we are not actually showing ads. This is because we are not selling the advertising space. Therefore we asked our users what they would like to see instead of ads and they voted to see images of pugs 😂 

That’s why for the time being you will see images of pugs (as well as other feel good images) instead of adverts. 

You can always spot our ‘ads’ because they have a little Gener8 tag in the corner.

Any time you see one, your points will increase. But the speed will depend on how much you have completed your profile. (the more complete your profile, the faster you will be rewarded).
You may notice that the number of points you have jumps up slightly every now and again. This is because our system runs offline checks every few hours (to prevent fraud) and this is when your points may increase slightly if they were showing lower.


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