The Journey Ahead (this one’s about cashing out)

The Journey Ahead (this one’s about cashing out)

Gener8 is a movement that you’re all a part of, which is why we’d like to be open and honest, sharing our journey with you.

For those who are interested in our background: Gener8 is an attempt by us (ex-Red Bull guys) to change advertising. Our vision is to give you more control over the ads that you see and enable you to make money from seeing them. Gener8 is an extension that works by replacing all online ads so that it can pay you every time you see one. The money comes from the companies who’ve paid to show you ads.

The more users we have, the more money we can charge companies and therefore the more money you gener8. As we grow so does the amount of money you make.

We founded the company in 2017, raised money, put a board in place, built our team and built Gener8.
We are planning to stay in Beta for the rest of 2018 so that we can learn more from you guys and all of our users. There’s lots we’re working on at the moment – in particular we’re improving the sign up user journey, referral user journey and building more incentives and mechanics to reward early users.

Once we have optimised these points we will start marketing Gener8 and push it very quickly to hit the first 50k users. Our aim is to start marketing in Q1 2019.

We have an office in WeWork 70 Wilson street, London, EC2A 2DB – we’d welcome anyone to stop by for a coffee and a chat.

We know that together we can build something special and we want to invite you to be a part of the movement.


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