Gener8: June Update

Gener8: June Update

To all of our existing users: thank you for creating this movement.
To all our new users: welcome to the family.

The aim of this post is to share the background and vision of Gener8 (pronounced Generate) with you and to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening behind the scenes.

It’s a long post, so feel free to skip forward to the section that’s most interesting to you:

📖 Background
The aim of Gener8 is to enable you to control and be rewarded from your own data.

Everything that we do is in line with this.
From Gener8 Ads, that enables you to control the ads that you see and be rewarded from them;
to Gener8 Tabs that customises your new tab page with beautiful imagery and includes two adverts to boost your earnings;
through to the Gener8 Sentinel, that enables you to see whether your data has been breached.

We believe that everyone should be able to control how their data is used online and be able to share in any wealth that is created from it.

Although this is a simple idea, it’s drastically different to the status quo, that’s why it takes time for us to get a foothold in the industry and the best way for us to do this is by having a large number of people use Gener8.
That’s why we need you and your help – if you like Gener8 please do talk positively about us, invite friends, blog about us, tag us on your socials.

🗺 Where are we now
We want to reward you every time your data is used online (this includes anytime that you see an advert – because adverts are based on your data). To do this at scale we need to have a mass of users so that we can work alongside our advertising and agency partners who then purchase the advertising space in bulk. We then pass the revenue that they pay on to you. The more users that we have, the more effectively this works.

When we don’t sell ad space instead of an advert you see an image that our users have voted for – things like pugs, flamingoes and nature.

Throughout the year we have been expanding the number of partners that we work with, this is why you will have noticed more adverts appearing.

So far we have given 100% of the money advertisers have paid to you.

However, right now our user numbers are relatively low, this means that we cannot command much money for our ad space. Therefore, there is not much to pass on to you. We saw that some users were becoming upset by this and that’s why created our marketplace this is where we source deals, that we then give to our users, eg. Get £10 when you download Tickr. The marketplace enables us to reward you with goods, services and discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t get. So that you are still be rewarded any time your data is used – albeit not with cash rewards.

In addition to these deals we spend thousands of pounds every month to add in extra items, like Amazon gift cards, charity donations and physical products. In total we have spent well over £100,000 stocking our marketplace. However, as the items that we purchase are most popular, it means that they are short in supply and not everyone has been able to redeem one.

However, everyone is able to redeem many other items that are in marketplace.

Over time, as our users grow, we will be able to work with more advertisers and bring in more revenue, that we can give to you in the form or vouchers, products, donations, or eventually cash.

🛠 Technology
This week, we’ve released a major upgrade to the extension that marks a big leap forward in giving you more control. This includes a new default setting that stops third parties from tracking you.

You can read about the update here.

As always, everything that we do is to serve you so please let us know what you like, don’t like and would like to see next.

🖼 Advertising
Earlier this year we significantly expanded our advertising partners so you may have noticed that you have started to see more ads.

We will continue to expand our partners so that we can show you what you’d like to see and generate revenue that we can pass on to you.

Since covid-19 we have been using a portion of our ad space to support the NHS and amplify Public Health England’s messaging.

💰 Rewards
We have been working hard to expand the number of marketplace partners and both the quality and quantity of rewards that are in there.

So far 15, 346 rewards have been redeemed

Previously we had a mechanic where people had to invite 2 friends in order to access the marketplace, but this frustrated a lot of users, so in March we removed this barrier. Now, all UK users can access the marketplace and redeem rewards.

However, a small selection of the highest value items are ‘locked’ until you invite 2 friends.

🔜 What’s Next
Grow users
Our aim is to keep our existing users and to keep growing our new users. The more users we have, the more we can charge advertisers and the more we can give back to you.

Expand Marketplace Rewards
We will give you more rewards and maximise the quality of them.

Enhance Technology
Everything is underpinned by solid technology, we will keep building and enhancing this with the aim for it to be as seamless as possible whilst maximising the value that you can get from Gener8.

How Can You Help?
The best way to help is to:
1. Invite a friend 🤝
2. Let us know your feedback 📣
3. Leave a 5* review ⭐️
4. If you see any of our Gener8 social posts or adverts drop a comment so that they reach more people. 💬

If you’re not already, you can keep up to date on the day to day by following our socials (Insta / TW / FB

And as always… if you’re ever in the area feel free to swing by the office for a coffee or high five☕️ 🖐🏻


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