All (UK) Gener8 Users Have Access To The Marketplace

All (UK) Gener8 Users Have Access To The Marketplace

You’ve been talking and we’ve been listening.

We have opened the marketplace so that all (UK) users can now donate to charity and redeem some items with their tokens – right now that includes a Free £10 in your Tickr account when you download it or a Free £10 in your Curve account when you download it:

Once you invite 2 friends you can then gain access to more items, like Amazon vouchers and physical products. You will see that the items that have a padlock next to them are what you will gain access to after inviting friends. (here are our top tips for getting those two referrals quickly and easily)

The reason that we’re asking people to invite friends – and rewarding you when you do – is because we can only start working with our advertising partners once we have more users. The faster we grow, the sooner we can work with them, which means that we can show you tailored ads and ensure you get paid for them.

So spread the word and help us grow so that we can help you to take back control of what you see online. 🙂


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