Gener8 Affiliate Programme

You’re a visionary, a change maker, a Gener8er.

We recognise our users as being the main rockstars of the platform and advocates for letting others know about us, product testing and updates.

We’re taking another step forward with our vision to ensure Gener8 continues to be the best platform in the world for everyone to be rewarded for their online data.

Introducing … the Gener8 Affiliate Programme

The Gener8 Affiliate Programme puts qualified users at the forefront of our vision by allowing them to take even more control and make money from their data while working towards the coveted status of Gener8 Partner.

Who qualifies?

We’re looking for visionaries who aren’t yet partners but understand our mission to give the power back to the people with our aim to enable everyone to share in the wealth created from their data.

If you can help shine a bright light on our vision whether you’re already mastered your creative skills as a seasoned content creator, an up and coming digital streaming prophet or just starting out as a budding journalist honing their wordsmith then we would love to have you be part of this exciting journey ahead.

You could join the likes of our friends LT Zonda, Miss Buffy and Jordon Cox aka Britain's Coupon Kid helping with our mission to ensure people are rewarded for their data.

Ready for the journey ahead?

Simply fill out the form below and let us know why your digital voice would be a great platform for the Gener8 data revolution.

Once approved for the programme a notification will be sent out to you with an invitation to join. Invitations will continue to be sent out on a rolling basis as new users become qualified as Gener8 visionaries.