A Massive Thank You For 2019 & What’s Next in 2020

A Massive Thank You For 2019 & What’s Next in 2020

THANK YOU for being a part of Gener8. We wanted to take a moment to update you about (some of) what’s happened this year.

But first: YOU ROCK. As one of the earliest users you are a visionary, a change maker, a Gener8er. You are driving the movement to take back control of your data and to be rewarded for it.

This year we’ve come a long way together and the industry is starting to take note (you may have spotted us in The Evening Standard or Forbes), but all of the most exciting things are still ahead of us!

2019 Progress Update
We’ve Launched Gener8 in Beta! 🚀
2️⃣ We’ve had (multiple) face lifts . Taking your feedback on board make Gener8 much friendlier for you to use 💅🏻
3️⃣ We’ve given away tens of thousands of £’s worth of products and vouchers to you through the marketplace. 💰
4️⃣ We’ve grown to 30,000 weekly active users. 📈
5️⃣ We’ve launched Gener8 Tabs so that you can earn faster. 😎
6️⃣ We’ve started working with advertisers which is why you may have noticed some ads in amongst all of those pugs and feel good images! 🐶
7️⃣As a reminder: so far Gener8 has given 100% of all advertising revenue to our users (or the charities that you’ve donated to). 💯

But we know we have much more work to do! Our mission is to enable you to monetise your data. We want to ensure that every user can redeem their value. Right now we are only at the start as we need more active users to achieve this. But we’re getting closer and together we will get there! 

What To Expect Next Year
💥 In January we will be tripling the quantity of items available for you in the marketplace(!) If you haven’t invited 2 pals yet we recommend that you do asap to gain access ready for January.
💥We will be aiming to make a splash and grow users quickly from January onwards…
💥 As we grow the number of active users we will be able to work with more advertisers and therefore get more money to be able to give back to you. 
💥 As this happens we will be able to start enabling you to have more redemption options in the marketplace, including “cashing out”.
💥 We will focus on increasing both the number of items and range of items that you can redeem in the marketplace.
💥 We will be asking you for feedback and building updates in line with what you tell us every step of the way.

How Can You Help?
The more people that hear about Gener8 = the more people that use Gener8 = the more advertisers we can work with and therefore the more we can give to you. So the best way to help is to:
1. Invite a friend 🤝
2. Let us know your feedback 📣
3. Leave a 5* review ⭐️
4. If you see any of our Gener8 social posts or adverts drop a comment so that they reach more people. 💬

If you’re not already, you can keep up to date on the day to day by following our socials (Insta / TW / FB

And as always… if you’re ever in the area feel free to swing by the office for a coffee or high five☕️ 🖐🏻

Thank you,
Sam & The Gener8 Team


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