πŸš€ February Update πŸš€

πŸš€ February Update πŸš€

You guys rock, you really do. You’ve been hanging in there with us, reporting bugs, helping us to fix issues and all round you’re just some super cool cats.

So it’s about time that we share some news that we’re really excited by:

Background Info (for anyone new)

As you all know, for Gener8 to be able to gain traction in the (advertising) industry we need to build our user base. This enables us to have serious discussions with media agencies and advertisers and ensures that we are able to demand a fair price for your attention (for the ads you see). This is what ends up in your pocket – the advertising revenue that they pay to show you ads. Over the last months we have used the time to get feedback from you and improve the tech. Whilst we are small we also made the deliberate decision not to charge advertisers. This is why there has been no cash out. None of this should be a surpise though, we’ve talked about it lot’s already in our roadmap

…Now onto the good stuff:

What we’re excited about

The team has been hustling hard over the past months to put everything in place for when we launch some massive marketing campaigns, starting on March 19th. We’re aiming to create content that speaks directly to people and is irrestiably shareable, we want to fly past our user targets and then ‘flick the switch’ to start charging advertisers to reach you, and therefore start the cashing out…

We’ve teamed up with some familar faces and different characters who will be pushing Gener8 and getting our story out to the masses. We can’t tell you who yet, but we can’t wait for you to see them. At the same time, we have generated a lot of early press interest, so we’ll be pushing out the news stories too.

Sam, our founder, was previously the Global Brand Manager at Red Bull and he has been responsible for campaigns that have gone viral and trended globally. You can never know upfront, but he feels pretty confident that this one has what it takes to gain millions of views and trigger a movement, let’s wait and see…


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